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Last year, hundreds of people in South Korea sued British company Reckitt Benckiser after news broke that the company avoided required safety tests on a line of humidifier cleaners. Those cleaners, “targeted at families with children using humidifiers in South Korea’s dry climate,” according to Time, were pulled from the market in 2011 after regulators linked them to permanent lung damage. More than 100 people have died.

This month, a former executive of the company was sentenced to seven years in prison for falsely advertising the deadly product as safe. According to the Independent, the presiding judge said the disaster could have been prevented if the company had undertaken safety checks prior to selling the product.

Reckitt Benckiser collects yearly revenue of more than twelve billion dollars per year. It is unclear how much money the company saved by skipping safety tests and marketing poisons as cleansers for children’s humidifiers. The company sells many products known well to U.S. consumers, including French’s Mustard, Air Wick air fresheners, Lysol disinfectants, Finish dishwashing liquids, and Clearasil skin cleansers.

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